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Yi yi: Coix seed, Chinese barleyZone 8 and 10

A very popular herb and food for :
1. Deficient spleen,excessive dampness and poor digestion in carcinoma of digestive tract.
2. Accumulation of dampness and excess toxin in cancers of lung, uterine cervix and ovary.
3. Chorioepithelioma. It induces antitumour and enhances immunological function. The extract and decoction of coix seed inhibit various tumor cells. It's active component, coixenolide, promotes cellular and humoral immunity.
4. Diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, arthralgia, edema, jaundice, lung abscess, appendicitis, chyluria and leukorrhea.

Seed: $6.00

Live plant: $9.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $20.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $18/ 100 g

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