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Wolfberry, Chinese: Lycium chinense, Gou jeZone 5 and 10

In China, lycium berries are taken as a blood tonic for anemia patients. They improve the circulation and absorption of nutrients and help in many symptoms, including dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, and wasting conditions. It's also a tonic for liver and kidney. In Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with the eyes, and lycium berries are considered excellent for failing eyesight. However, the root is used to "cool the blood," helping to reduce fever, sweating, irritability, and thirst. Lycium root is beginning to be used in China to treat people suffering from high blood pressure and the berry for the diabetes patients with low sex performance. The leaf makes excellent soup or salad! A very universal herb!

Seed: $4.00/ pack

Live plant: $7.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $20.00

5:1 concreated powder: $18/ 100 g

Herb pills that contain Chinese Wolfberry:

1. LWDHW Formula:  High TC or LDL plus hypertension, diabetic, age over 50, weak lower back, knee or ankle problems or with tumor ailements.
2. YGJ Formula:  Acid reflux, frequent vomiting, a bitter tasted and stickiness in the mouth, foul-smelling burping, herpes, distension in the rib cage and stomach area.
3. ZBDHW Formula:  High blood pressure with hot flashes, menopause syndromes, dizziness, night sweats, male reproductive problems and lower back pain.

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