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Sesame: Sesamum indicum, Ze maZone 5 to 8 

Sesame seed, offering mild, sweet, nutty flavor. Sesame seed oil contains about 45-50% linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid necessary for human health. Unlike other healthy oils that oxidize easily, sesame oil has natural antioxidants. Sesame oil has been shown to lower cholesterol, inhibit and reduce cancer, and slow aging in mice. Sesame seed contains 25% protein, rich in methionine and trytophan äo amino acids lacking in many vegetable sources of protein. Adding sesame flour can create complete proteins, with particularly good results in nutritional snacks.

Seed: $5.00

Live plant: $7.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $20.00

5:1 concreated powder:  $18.00

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