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Licorice, Gan cao: Glycyrrhiza glabraZone 7-10 

Research has shown that Licorice helps treat and relieve pains that accompany certain types of ulcers. Although common practice in Europe, its use in treating ulcers is not as prevalent in North America. However, with more and more researchers gaining positive results with its use as an ulcer treatment, Licorice may soon become more popular in North America. It is also widely used in the traditional Chinese Medicine. Finally, Licorice also has anti-inflammatory properties and may help relieve the discomforts of arthritic.

Seed: $4.25/pack.

Live plant: $8.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $18.00/ lb

5:1 concreated powder: $20/ 100 g

Herb pills that contain Licorice:

1. WDT formula:  High LDL or TC with restlessness, mental problems, seizures, diabetes, digestive tract problems, excessive phlegm or chronic kidney failure.
2. BZYCT formula:  Acid-reflux with general weakness, excessive sweating, pale complexion, low immune system, weak voice and easy bruising or bleeding.
3. SCDBT formula:  Anemia with general weakness, post surgery, chronic unhealing wounds, CFS; also after chemo or radiation therapy.

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