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Chinese cucumber, Gua Lou:  trichosanthes kirilowiiZone 5-9

This is a member of the gourd family found only in China, is being studied by medical researchers for its strong activity against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. It also used to treat heart diseases and respiratory disprders.
Seed: $5.50/ pack

Live plant: $6.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $25.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $30.00

Herb pills that contain Chinese cucumber:

1. GLGBBJ formula:   Chest pain with coronary heart disease, angina, shortness of breath and rib pain.
2. SXXT formula:  Pleuritis or pulmonary abscess with gastritis, pneumonia or liver diseases.
3. XFHMY formula:  Skin infections, allergy with excessive yellow nasal mucus discharge, appendicitis, mammary gland infection and stomach ulcer

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