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Chinese Asparagus, Tian dong: Asparagus conchinchinensisZone 6-9 

It was seen principally to moisten the lung. Supplementary applications were to constipation (again a moistening action), and other conditions where body fluids were unduly depleted, such as long-term night sweats and nocturnal emissions. The whole plant has demonstrated experimental antitumour activity. It also used to improve the rough and dark skin problem.

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Raw herb: $18.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $25.00

Herb pills that contain Chinese asparagus:

1. STFS formula, Anemia or low RBC (red blood cell) with excessive sex drive, hepatitis B, chronic inflammation and chronic laryngitis.
2. TWBS formula, poor memory and concentration, insonmonia and low energy.

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