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Cadamon, Dou Ko: Elettaria cardamomumZone 8-10

A great spice herb plant! Cardamom seeds have a pleasant aroma and characteristic, warm, slightly pungent taste. It is used for flavouring curries, cakes, bread and for other culinary purposes. In medical, it is used for the digestive system disorders, such as poor appetite, poor digestion and constant bulching.

Seed: $6.50/ pack, N/A.

Live plant: $9.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $20.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $20.00/100 g

Herb pills that contain Cadamom:

1. XSLJ formula, Acid-reflux with poor digestion and appetite, burping, stomach distension, vomiting, diarrhea, chronic superficial and astrophoic gastritis. 
2. GLXDD formula:  Acute hepatitis with jaundice, bright yellow skin, fever, general weakness, thirsty, dark urine, diarrhea or vomiting.

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