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Calamus, Chung Pu: Acorus calamusZone 3-9

This herb has been used for several purposes. As a stimulant, a mouth wash, painkiller, a remedy against asthma and bronchitis, a rejuvenation tonic and to increase potency and memory, or for plain enjoyment. It also used for thr mental ailments such as depression, insonmia and poor memory. Sweet flag contains the substance Asarone.

Seed: $5.50/ pack, N/A.

Live plant: $8.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $25.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $20.00

Herb pills that contain Calamus:

1. TCHX formula: Brain injuries, vascular or migrane headache, sleepy, wart or skin discoloration.
2. TWBXD formula: Poor memory and rest, low energy and mouth ulcer.
3. GLXDD formula:  Pain in the liver or gallbladder area with red, swollen eyes, migraine headache, bitter and sticky sensations in the mouth, acute ear infection and genetial problems.

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