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Ban Xia: Pinellia ternataZone 6-9 

Removes dampness to reduce phlegm, lowers the adverse flow of Qi to arrest vomiting and disintegrates and removes masses. For external use, it subdues swelling and kills pain.

Seed: $4.5/ pack, N/A.

Live plant: $8.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $20.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $20.00

Herb pills that contain Ban Xia:

1. WDT formula: High cholesterol plus mental problems, restlessness, poor digestion, diabetes, excessive phlegm or mucus and chronic kidney problems.
2. BXXXT formula: Excessive acid-reflux with stomach distension, dry vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery and poor digestion.
3. BXTMBZ formula: HBP with headache, unclear mind, mental problems, seizure and allergy.

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