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Bai zhu: Atractylodes macrocephalaZone 5-8 

Bai zhu is one of the most important herb for the digestive tract ailments and is a great tonic as well. It can help:
1.Digestive System: Protects Liver; improves gall secretion; prevents ulcer of stomach; improves movements of intestines and bowels;
2.  Diuretics, improves immune system and anti tumor effect; and
3.  Adjust heart and blood vessels; lowers blood sugar and has anti-bacteria effect.

Seed: $7.0/ pack

Live plant: $8.00/ plant.

Raw herb: $18.00/lb

5:1 concreated powder: $20.00

Herb pills that contain Bai Zhu:

1. SJZ formula:  CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), weakness, low energy, poor immune system, peptic ulcers, acid-reflux and loose bowel movement.
2. BXTMBZ formula: HBP with headache, unclear mind, mental problems, seizure and allergy.
3. YPF formula: Allergy with profuse sweating, tendency to catch cold or flu, chronic upper respiratory infection or renal infection, eczema and low immune function.

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